Grace Baptist Church
Saturday, May 28, 2022
Sharpsburg, Georgia (770) 304-8846




At Grace Baptist Church, we truly love our youth. We believe that they represent both the future of God’s church as well as the present. We are certain that our young people can and should play a very important role in what God is doing here at Grace.. 

It is our hearts desire to introduce them to their Creator, their Sustainer, their Savior, and their most awesome friend,...JESUS. We believe that for them to eagerly follow Him they must first love Him, and for them to love Him, they must first KNOW HIM!
We believe that the best way to reach teens is to step into their world and try to better understand the joys and fears which are a real part of this emotionally complex and sometimes painful period of life.

We stand rock solid in our conviction that the Holy Bible is God’s

inerrant, unchanging, complete and living WORD. It is our most precious material possession! We believe that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”


We strive to work in harmony with parents, holding them bothaccountable and in final authority. We assure our youth that mom and dad  are NOT the enemy,...instead, they are the people who love them the most.


Instead of practicing a RELIGION, we want our youth to have a very real RELATIONSHIP with Jesus that will last for eternity. To quote Josh McDowell, we want to disciple our youth “beyond belief - to conviction.”